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About SSES

Sri. B.S. Paramashivaiah
The vision of the society always looks beyond any of our accepted perception.  It is one to look forward to serve community at large.

Founder Secretary
Inter College Competition to be organised on 15-11-2014.
News and Events
  • Workshop on 'Interpersonal skills' will be organized on 30/10/2014.
  • Education week will be organized from 17-11-2014 to 22-11-2014.
  • Commencement of Practical Examination for B.Ed 2013-14 is from 20-11-2014.
  • Organisation of Community Living Camp on the theme "Being Human" from 4th to 6th December 2014.
  • A programme on proficiency in Communicative English was conducted by Sri Divakar for 15 days.
  • To develop good study habits among student-teachers an innovative programme-  News in Education from Deccan Herald was introduced.
  • Conducted parents meeting of 2013-14 on 08-02-2014
  • Organised a  Guest lecture on Effective Communication and Leadership by Dr.G.Shobha on 24-02-2014
  • National Science day was celebrated on 28-02-2014 and field visit was organized to‘KMF dairy and Planetarium’ on 07-03-2014.
  • International Women’s Day was celebrated on 08-03-2014. Student-teachers presented paper on ten ‘Outstanding Women in India’ and a documentary on ‘Women issues in India’ was screened.
  • Organized one day orientation on ‘Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation’ for Head Masters of South zone, Bangalore on 14-03-2014 .
  • Student-teachers participated in the Inter-college competitions.
  • Conducted workshop in collaboration with news in education on 3-4-14 on ‘Human Values’ by Prof. Avanthi.
  • Dr. B.R Ambedkar Jayanthi was celebrated on 14-04-2014
  • Organized Educational Excursion  for four days from 06-05-2014 to 09-05-2014 to Kerala
  • Student-teachers participated in workshop Guru Chinthana at Rastrothana Parishatha organised by Sapthami Trust on 14-05-2014.
Secretary’s Message

Sri.B.P. Mahadev Prasad
Like a circle which has no end, education too has no end from the day we are born till our last breath. It may be direct or indirect but the process of learning never ends. The purpose of Education is for manifestation of an individual. In other words, education transforms an uncivilized person into a civilized and purposeful citizen.