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Vision & Mission

New “ e-learning Course on ICT integration in Learning” at SSCE in Collaboration with IT for Change (in Home page)

SSCE started e- learning Course on 'ICT Integration in Learning’ for the 2nd Semester students and Add on Course to 4th Semester students at Sri Sarvajna College of Education (SSCE) in Collaboration with IT for Change ( NGO) from May 5th 2020.

The course consists of bi-weekly webinars for the students, using Webinar platform BigBlueButton, a free and open source webinar tool that is integrated with Moodle LMS., and by a Whatsapp group for quick communication.

1) The course will be offered on Moodle, a Free and Open Source Learning Management System, which is widely used across the world. This is free to use and teachers can access this course using a web browser (Firefox or Chrome are preferred browsers). The Moodle App should also be installed on the phone through Google Play Store.

2) The participants are made to learn Text, image, audio and video resources, animations, semantic maps will be created, using a wide variety of software tools and digital methods, from educational applications like geogebra, marble, kalzium, phet; and text, audio, video, semantic map editors such as Freeplane, LibreOffice, Audacity, RecordMydesktop, OpenShot etc, as well as open web resources.

3) Participant progress is assessed through the digital resources created and shared, participation in the discussion forum, participation in quizzes and other online activities as well as the maintenance of a reflective journal.